About seven years ago, in a small village named Uvajed.

A young girl and a younger boy were walking together, carrying wood and some vegetables and wheatgrass on their backs. Both had green hair, and the boy’s arms were tanned, because he usually spent a lot of time playing outdoors, but the other parts of the body were fair, though not as much as his sister. The girl was wearing simple clothes and a small jasmine garland in her hair.

“Let’s go to the seashore again this weekend, Fabs,” the boy said, sounding excited.


“Huh? Why?”

“I can’t swim against those monstrous waves like you,” she said. “They scare me.”

“I’ll teach you.”

“No thanks. I’m fine with swimming in shallow waters.” Besides, the reason she always accompanied him was because she was afraid of something bad happening to him, and also she could fetch some herbs and flowers growing near the shore, though she hadn’t gathered much that day.

“Ouch!” an ant bit on the boy’s foot. He was about to stoop down, but his siste
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