Waves: A Little Mistaken Fate

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Waves: A Little Mistaken Fate

By: Crazy_X OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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This is a story of a boy, Grey Eugene, who when he was little, made a decision to waken up, after almost being kidnapped due to his social status and face the reality of his situation head on by becoming strong enough. He lived through the decision with a determined mind and even managed to form a petty gang in his young middle school years. Due to his overconfidence, he made a terrible mistake, which led to the loss of a beloved comrade and friend. Such traumatic experience, made him to change his decision into running away from such harsh fate and live a quiet and ordinary life. Despite that, his fate came back to haunt him as he was now in his high school years. His fate came as an accusation of him being a murderer, which unfortunately, was a result of being caught up in-between the rivalry of two great business group, unknowingly. This was similar to what led to his kidnap and he had no option anymore than to make one last decision to change his mistaken fate. Now, does he go back into facing his fate which comes like waves to him, or, does he keep on running away from it?

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Chapter 1: Let's Go On With It?
“I think I understand what mom was talking about ever since I was thirteen. Every eyes I met only look back at mine in disgust or fear. Wow, did they believe I was the murderer? Now from one incident to another I finally got to live an introverted lifestyle. I still got two special people who believes I did not do it and I’m grateful.” “Still planning for your next victim? It’s break already, let’s go meet Ken.” A pale skin, blond haired, average in height and good looking fellow was disturbed from staring at the class window while being in a trance He looked up to see a bald skinny guy staring at him as he awaits for his answer. He takes the chance to look around only to see many hide their faces from him, spiteful eyes were seen and mouth were running as they looked onto such scene with a side eye. “Oi! Eugene! Can’t you hear me? Has the screams of your victims made you deaf? Let’s go already!” the bald guy spoke up again but in annoyance. “fine, I heard you the first time, lead
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Chapter 2: Let Her Be One
“You still have that big mouth of yours... Grey Eugene? And what’s this? Your Mr ladies’ guy is here to receive his as well?” Ken asked feeling a bit annoyed. “Do we really have to do this to Jay?” The girl in Ken’s arms asked. “What’s that bitch? You crushing on him too? Then go get fucked by him!” Ken replied in anger and smacked the girl to the ground and also spat on her before continuing; “Hahaha, will you look at that? Just his presence alone tried to make this.... This bitch!” He kicked the girl so hard in the stomach that she coughed out just as he called her a bitch. He sighed and took a deep breath as he tried to control himself before he kept talking, “Jay, you must be one sly motherfucker to be able to perform such feat without even doing anything.” “It was once, you two but now it’s just u since your best friend fucked up big tim....” “It was never my act! We just met at the wrong time when someone else was sniping him down!” Eugene cuts in. “Who the fuck gave you pe
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Chapter 3: Glory
It was finally a new day and a new morning, Eugene could be seen coming out from his room’s bathroom and shocking, he looks fit. He goes to his room’s mirror and puts on his contact lenses and dresses up in his winter uniform but he still have his bruises. He goes downstairs to walk his way to school as usual, only for his mom to stop him on his way. She could be seen with an apron as she came out from the kitchen. “Young man, have your breakfast first before going out today and no son of mine is going out with a bruised face. Angel!!!” “Alright mom, I’m sorry okay? Please don’t call Angel here.” Eugene begs with a worried face. “Yes ma’am?...Oh no! Young sir, what’s with your face?” When Eugene turned around, one could see fear written all over his face. Angel is the correct description of ‘mother Russia’. A buffed woman whose flesh is hard as a rock. She’s already in her 40’s and unlike the other maids, her uniform is to be on trunks and jogging pants. One could say she must b
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Chapter 4: Fallen Angel
Just as the last bell rang, Eugene packed his bag as he was eager to meet the strange pixie haired girl. On his way, he asked for the girl’s class in which they directed him to class 2D. On reaching there with no hesitation, he slid the door wide open in a rush causing him to receive some attention. Everyone was on a short pause till the pixie haired girl waved her hand shouting, “honey! You looking for me!?” “Psst, hey, we just got transferred here and you are already mingling with the infamous accused murderer? Do you want to create a bad name for yourself?” another girl whispered to her. She had the infamous look of a savage tomboy, braided red hair, bandages wrapped on her two arms, a normal school uniform except she had shorts on instead of a skirt. Once again, the school already has a bad reputation backing it up and was already notorious for it, that the staff gives no care about the students affairs. Student body or student council? Well Ken is the president since it's a h
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Chapter 5: A Set-Up?
“Bro, hurry up, Ken calls for us! We got some bitch to lay on right now!” “Am coming dude! I have to get myself ready of course, just going to the white room for a while!” Amon responded. Amon heads to the guys restroom, just as he opened the door, he was pushed inside. The door clicked indicating that it got locked, Amon looked back immediately and to his surprise, he saw Tiara against the door. Being a bit dumbfounded, Amon didn’t know how to react, happy? Or better, to stay on guard? To him, it’s like a dream come true as he had his eyes on her but was afraid to get a backlash from either Jay or Eugene. “Well, well, what do we have here?” Amon asked while putting on a sneaky smirk. “Do you like what you see?” said Tiara as she steps forward to him seductively. “Would you look at that, you’re indeed cute, but devilish? I never expected it.” “I know that you’ve had your eyes on this bod of mine, so, now that it’s in front of you, what are you going to do with it?” she said as
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Chapter 6: Dirty It Up
On the same day, midnight, Eugene was seen sitting on a sofa as he got his eyes hooked to the television. He did got too comfortable as he had an apron on while being shirtless. The door knob makes a click sound and the door opened quietly, “Wow mom, you’re finally late as usual, met a man?” Eugene teased. “Are you trying to mock me with your dressing? Are you sure you’re my son cause you do look inviting.” She replied as she pulls off her heels and hands them over to sir Eric who came inside with her as well as her purse. “Oi, sir Eric, get the knockout drug ready, it seems we have a horny woman on the loose and she is currently giving her son the eyes.” “Haha young sir, It’s always ready for such emergency.” Sir Eric showcases a syringe with a black label on it. “Give me a break, am just asking before I make a great pleasurable mistake.” She lazily replies as she lies on the couch next to the sofa. “If you will now excuse me madam, I will now take my leave.” Sir Eric request
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Chapter 7: There's More To It
The next day, Ken could be seen walking into his class, year 3C. Late as usual, he walked into the class, arriving, when it was the third period of the day. As he walked in, to his surprise, no one gave him any attention and his desk was smashed. “Oi! Who the fuck did this?” Ken asked furiously. “Oh sorry, my bad, I broke your desk while banging your mum!” A guy spoke up. “Who the fuck are you? A new transfer student or something?” Ken looks at the strange guy with confusion about his identity written all over his face. “That’s right, the guy who’s about to put your ass in order.” The strange guy spoke up. He was average, had a red shave, skinny and had acne all over his face. “Haha, quite an asshole you are. You dare fist fight with me?” Ken asked, feeling a bit annoyed. “Come on, I don’t beat a guy who has an injury that was given to him by a bitch.” Everyone bursts out laughing. It was already news that Ken got beaten up by Velma, and them seeing his bandaged head, which w
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Chapter 8: There's More To It.............. Part 2
Velma stepped back till her back met a wall behind her, which obviously meant that Ken selected an alley with a dead end. The guys then chuckled and laughed out so loud on how they cornered her. Williams was already unzipping as he was getting all impatient in having his way with her. Slowly getting closer to her to enjoy the moments of despair which she had on her face, he suddenly came to a stop to find her giggle while leaving a smirk on her face. All of a sudden, a metal bat was tossed to her from above in which she grabbed and rested on her right shoulder. The guys then suddenly looked up and to their surprise, they saw a figure, squatting on the wall’s top while watching them. “Hey Velma, you have been enjoying a fight ever since we got to this area, since I am present as a spectator, do put a good show for me.” The figure, Jixie, broke the silence. “Squat on tight, brace yourself on how I have fun!” Velma replied as she hangs the steel bat on her shoulder. “Hehe, she see
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Chapter 9: Be My Girlfriend
The next, which was Friday, the school was bustling as usual with noises in every corner of the school. But slowly, the noises from the neighbouring classrooms reduced till no sound could be heard from them. A gunshot sounded, which was a major reason why many classrooms got quiet but not all, as it seems that the gun had some silencing muzzle equipped on it. Anyways, it was unnoticeable as the classroom was bustling as well. The noises they made were loud enough for them to no know what is going on around them. Eventually, the noise did came to a stop as the classroom door slid open and introduced the maths teacher in a unique way. His presence was actually not the cause of the noise stoppage, since it was a break period, but it was his appearance. In a normal circumstance, the students were ready to beat him up if he came to a classroom during the break periods to give a surprise test, but this time, it was different. The hateful feeling did develop in the students’ hearts but d
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Chapter 10: Jimmy!! No!!!
“So, you killed these policemen with this particular gun?” Velma cheerfully asked. “Yeah, what about it?” Don replied as he closed the distance between the pistol’s muzzle and Velma’s forehead. Jixie chuckled as she walked towards the wall at her right in a carefree manner, and laid her back against it, as she watched the both. Don did not get himself some concern about her actions, as he had full focus on Velma. “Well, I have a strange culture whenever it comes to having a new boyfriend...” She got down on her knees and continued, “...I give them a blowjob.” She giggled as she got her hands all over his lower half before she pulled down his trousers. “Hell yeah, now, that is what I am talking about.” He commented in excitement and a smirk on his face. To Don’s surprise, Velma stopped and then lazily looked up at him with a facial expression that shows disappointment. At that moment, Jixie laughed out so loud and spoke up, “Oi, Don, it seems like, you fucked up for real this ti
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