"PLEASE BOSS! AHHH!" Marcus pleaded as a whip landed on his naked back.

Delgado took Marcus back to his base after failing to return the money.

Marcus claims that the money just seem to disappear into thin air.

Delgado concluded he was lying,commanding his boys to tie him up in a dark room and torture him until he provides the money.

"You greedy bastard!" Delgado shouted. "After all what i did for you,you still had the guts to steal from me!"

Another painful flog landed on Marcus naked back. And with every flog,a red thin line could form.

"I swear i have no idea he worked for you." Marcus pleaded, "I would have returned the money,but i have no idea how it disppeared. Please believe me ,boss!"

Delgado ordered his boys to pause the flogging since Marcus repeated the same thing for hours now even when he's getting tortured.

It's either Marcus was a good actor,or what he said was the truth.

"This guy you robbed from,who is he?" Delgado asked.

"I have never seen him before." Marcus replie
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