Chapter 14: Summer Competition 3

Master Gu Ryu bade all of the applicants to move to the open ground for the next round of testing and everyone followed his orders.

"All right. Now for testing how much of the 36 walls of Soul you all have comprehended." He then expanded his Qi and his Martial will with the intent to kill, gushed out from him. This was to put pressure on the soul or to test out the mental defense of those around them.

Hua Geming comprehended the soul defense technique until the peak of the 4th wall of Soul and he immediately put his soul defense up. While it was still hard for him and he was feeling a little suffocated under the pressure he withstood it.

Cai MingZhu had comprehended till the 3rd layer and had broken through to the 9th layer of Gathering Qi. The Zhing Gui and Zhong Bai Twins also comprehended till the 3rd layer but their cultivation had not progressed enough for a breakthrough. These three were finding it very suffocating under the pressure but were able to withs

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