Chapter 17: Summer Competition 6 - The Troll's Loincloth

The moment Luo's and Hua's attacks had landed on the big trolls, they launched their most powerful attacks as well. Xun enhanced her body with Qi and with increased mobility relied on light and fast kick combos to the head , hitting at vital points near the base of the neck. After those consecutive attacks the troll just fell down, dead, with a broken neck lying at an impossible angle.

Hao Qi's most powerful attack however was not an attack but a support type technique. She took out her flute and notes started pouring out of the flute. It had a strange effect of taking everyone in the hearing range into a kind of trance and the trolls started to headbang in coordination with the sharp drops and the lilting notes of her melody.

Luo and the others however understood that her technique affected the soul after it began and immediately used the 36 walls of Soul technique they had learnt earlier and used it to stop the effects of the technique.

They took advantage of

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