Chapter 16: Summer Competition 5

Everyone was ready before the break of dawn and Fu Lin wished them good luck and they all started.

Even though the Zither disciples started together having packed the necessary supplies for the journey, after a while Cai MingZhu stopped in front of Luo and said "Me , Zhong Gui and Zhong Bai will be one team once we reach the starting point.

It's not good to have big teams as the share of the loot will be lesser and there will be more opportunities this way. I wanted to give you this chance to form your own strategy. Master expects a lot from you , but that doesn't mean that I or the others will automatically concede to you. I hope you get that."

The Zhong twins looked at the others and just shrugged and smiled as if they were just going along with what Cai had said just for fun.

Before Luo could thank her she jumped the gun and started using a movement technique to run at high speeds. The Zhong twins were keeping up as well. "Huhh...there she goes" Luo sa

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