Chapter 40: Tempering of the Rival
After he opened his eyes, Master Yin asked him “What is your answer to my question?”

Hua replied “I know that the physique and the techniques of cultivation that Luo practices may be much better than mine, but still, if I doubt my ability to reach a stage in the future in the present moment, then why even cultivate, why even aim to attain the heights of martial dao? What gifts he has gotten, the universe has given him, and it is not unthinkable that I will have fortuitous encounters of my own in the future either, right? That is my answer to your question Master Yin.”

“Whoa..that is a very good insight into the way of the Dao or the mindset one needs to pursue it. Good to see that my test did not break your spirit. Worthy of your name ..Geming. And this master has a good reward for you as well.

You see I showed Luo a couple of memories so that he can pick up a technique by seeing it, but he picked up the technique of my rival…can you believe it? My useless disciple did not pick up

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