Chapter 41: Everyone goes to train - 1

Although everyone was shocked that Hua had regressed , they understood the logic in his acceptance of it. Fu Rah bid Master Yin a farewell and prepared for an immediate set of instructions for everyone gathered there.

“All of you who have reviewed blessings from the great master Yin, you will all have to focus on closed door cultivation, even us teachers have to do it. I want us to be in great shape before we receive any unwelcome guests, of which believe me there are soon going to be plenty.

Luo and Hua, I believe it is best for the both of you to temper your cultivation levels by listening to Master Yin and practicing the techniques you have received from the Royal Library. I believe progress there will not be wasted. Both of you are to train in battle tactics with each other's company under Master Yin’s guidance.

Everyone else, please go into secluded cultivation and start practicing the techniques the master has given you.

The time limit for now is 2 months. At least for me and m
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