117 : Undercover
After a few months, I decided to end my pretending. I told Hunter that my memories came back again, and I knelt in front of him to thank him for my debt to him for taking me in and letting me stay at his house even though he didn't know me very well. Therefore, I promised him that I would dedicate my life to him and help him solve all his problems. I worked for Hunter, and his only desire was to bring down his father. I don't know the real reason why he hates him so much, but I can't do anything but follow everything he orders me to do. He has no idea about my true identity nor what kind of creature I am. I kept my life quiet for more than two months without anyone else knowing my secret. Later he gave me a heavy task and that was to spy inside his father's company. I wore a disguise and used a different name, a different identity. I was immediately accepted into his father's company as his secretary. Furthermore, I secretly watched his father's every move as well as all the people he
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