127 : A new friend
Two days have passed since we met Rita. During those two days, we repeatedly tried to find a way to contact the rescuers or anyone who could help us. We kept calling the emergency landline, but no one answered. Almost every day and minute by minute we look out the window hoping that experts or people will pass by to save us and remove us from that dangerous place. We didn't have a hard time living inside that store because everything we needed was already there. Water, electricity, food, medicines, and items that can still be used. However, that does not mean that we will stay and live from there forever. We also want to breathe fresh air outside and see the real situation of the world we are in.

“No signal.” Simon said as he hit the back of the television. Almost from the moment we landed in this area, we had no signal. There is electricity but no signal. Maybe it's because the electric cables are tangled outside, or something is happening in the world that seems to be the end of the
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