Laughed at, ridiculed and scorned. I see different facial expressions around me. They considered me little more than a monster and stripped me of my upper clothes while my hands were hanging and tied. While my mouth was covered with a black cloth and my feet were also tied. I was standing in front of the crowd where they were watching me, and they were staring at me in fear. After a while, I heard familiar voices where they brought Rita in front of me and then pushed her closer to me. Her hands were tied and there were tears in her eyes, while her clothes were torn. With the force of her pushing her, she sat down on the ground and cried while repeatedly saying the words of begging. I suddenly felt a pain from my chest, and it was as if a long and sharp arrow was being repeatedly buried in my heart. I frowned and felt mixed emotions as I watched her how she look now in front of me. Furthermore, I don't want to think about the things that might have happened to her while I wasn't by her
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