Chapter 179

“Ahh! what are you doing?” Nadia shouted as she pushed Baron, so he fell on the sofa.

“Wait, why are you mad at me again? you're the who stole a kiss from me!” angrily he said.

“Did i? really?” sarcastic she replied.

Baron immediately stood up and straightened his hair that had been messed up from the fall earlier.

“Honey, i'm home!” Rohan shouted from front of their door.

“Get out of here quickly!” she whispered and pushed the young man into the garden.

“Honey?” her husband calls her again.

“I don't want that to!” Baron's mischievous said as he sat down on the sofa again.

“What? i said, go away. Hurry!”

But he just crossed his left foot and suddenly, she pulled him on his left leg so he fell on the sofa again.

“Ouch! you're too much!” annoyed, he says.

He sat down on the sofa again comfortably, while Nadia looked sharply at him.

To her annoyance to him, she kicked him hard in the leg, which shocked Baron.

He wanted to shout, but her husband might hear him, so he covered his mouth whi
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