Chapter 13 – The Monkey Bracelet

Chapter 13 – The Monkey Bracelet

"Yes, right."

Alex stood from there. He walked to the house door and closed and locked it tightly. So did the windows around the open log cabin.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Alex's face turned serious.

Mala sighed.


"I've been telling you all this ever since, and you still don't understand?" he asked.

Of course, we in this life never talk about creatures called humans."

"All the stories sound ridiculous. Maybe Grandpa manipulated all of this to play with me." He screamed, not accepted.

Mala listened to the young man's words. She was standing far away and floated closer.

"Listen, everything that happened here and what I have said is true. I don't care if you don't believe me. The Demon Lord only ordered that I educate you to make the next container."

"Huh, demon lord? What else is it?" said Alex making fun of him.

"If you don't believe..." her words stopped. Mala changed form into a giant mirror stand
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