Chapter 28 – The Girls from overseas

Chapter 28 – The Girls from overseas

"What place is this?"

Mala just shook her head. People's gazes were attracted to the two aliens. To get around this, she stops at a shop that sells masks.

"Hey, give me some money. They look different when we're outside." Mala's reasonable words forced Alex to spend the gold he had. His face changed instantly.

"What are you doing with all my coins?"

"This is not the time to fight,"

Alex's rising voice made people pay more attention to their presence. He took out 1k gold, gave it to Mala, and kept the rest to himself.

"Hey," Alex did not accept seeing this.

"We won't know what it will turn out to be."

The old building made of wood reminds Alex and his grandfather. They find a big house that says 'Onsen and inn.' The day begins to shine. Mala orders a room to rest using the leftovers from Alex's gift.

The golden light is turned off when he hasn't had time to find it on the screen. They slept
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