Chapter 33 - The dwarves who help the wizard

Chapter 33 - The dwarves who help the wizard

When a flash flood hit their village, Marlin, who happened to be sailing looking for something, saw the dwarves waving. Finally, by using his magic, he widened his small canoe into a ship that could accommodate them all.

Marlin also offered a new place for the dwarves, but since they were pleased to live in the middle of a flowing river, he could not do much but build a home for the tiny houses. Even create a new river that flows from across the village.

Now the creatures follow everything he wants, but when one of the dwarves wants to give flowers to Marlin, there are no boundaries between them, and she gives blue flowers to Mala, a guest in the house.

"Thank you for your generosity, wizard Merlin."

"With pleasure Ms. Mala." She resigned after hearing his story and the hospitality they got. She returned to where her friends were fast asleep and joined them.

There was a voice that woke Mala. It turned out t
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