Chapter 36 – Dimension

Chapter 36 – Dimension

"Ah… master… it tickles…."

The desired response turned out to be more efficient than before. This time Alex played according to the promise he made. Sia showed her embarrassed face before her, which made her even more unable to stand still.

Sia finds something twitching under her master's crotch. She remembers Mala's message to behave naturally and follow her feelings. Even though it looks scary and bulky at first, Sia tries to keep up with everything she's been taught.

"Are you ready, Sia?" Alex asked, looking up at her.

The girl just nodded shyly, their sacred objects meeting each other. Even though Alex had released quite a lot of sperm, he was still in the perfect position to fight. He carefully pushed his hips inward.

Sia smirked, holding back the taste of the lump of flesh that burst in.

[Sreek] Something looks torn from the inside. Alex stops his action and looks at Sia's reaction to confir
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