Chapter 37 - Funny trick from Marlin

Chapter 37 - Funny trick from Marlin

Alex kept it well.

The party was over, and they returned to their respective places. Alex immediately blocked Marlin's movement and challenged him to a fight at that very moment. This time he wasn't going to stand by as it happened, wanting to finish their fight one last time.

As if something stuck in his mind to immediately stop this feeling.

"Even though I'm drunk, that doesn't mean I'm careless, Alex."

"I know that, wizard Merlin."

For a moment, the atmosphere became silent, and the two of them moved toward the place where they first met. No one followed. Because intoxicated by a charming atmosphere. Mala felt Alex's magic movement wanting to see how she was.

She ran as hard as she could and didn't want to miss out on the outcome of a battle like that time.

'I hope Alex can make good use of all the tools and objects he got before.'

A window popped up showing Marlin's status. He wanted to make sure
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