Chapter 52 - SR

Chapter 52 - SR

It would be difficult for Alex to be able to sneak things away for a moment. He was whispering to himself. Moving her body a few times, Joan looked the other way, her comrades coming in to attack. Riding horses complete with equipment.

Alex was also showered with arrows from the top of the fort, not to forget large stones falling from sight. As if it was a signal to Joan and the others, they joined in breaking down the entrance. It turned out that Alex had also prepared a large log to destroy the gate.

An unstoppable scream, in addition to both sides giving each other signals and orders to attack, smoke rose from within the enemy camp. Also, Joan was worried that people who had nothing to do with the war would be involved.

They had arrived behind the passage and destroyed a portion of the wall. The shouts of encouragement from the soldiers further made them charge inward.

"Be careful with the civilians, don't hurt them!" shouted Joan. But h
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