Chapter 56 - Faust, the chemist

Chapter 56 - Faust, the chemist

"Look at that. Brands are as unique as us."

"Right, if you're not careful, you'll become a part of them and won't see each other." Refuted Sia teasing Sue.

Sia hit her sister with a cotton candy that was still a mountain. Their laughter sounded happy.

"Right, when I was with the demon lord. We find people like them useless during the show. You will be cut into pieces to be used as food for the lions there." Suddenly the pleasure that had built since leaving the house disappeared after hearing Mala's words.

"That's the circus art show at our place. As this last show he our lead actress!"

His voice boomed as the host waited enthusiastically for the crowd to applaud and give excitement to show. The voices of enthusiasm suddenly fell silent when a short, gray-haired older man appeared.

The audience insulted the humans who just stood there. They threw whatever objects were in their hands. The host seemed to be wai
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