Chapter 62 – The Ceremony

Chapter 62 – The Ceremony

"I hope they can get out of this place."

Alex invited him to continue the trip for the next two days after telling him what he had seen this afternoon. The response the girls showed was also excellent and enthusiastic, and they wanted to meet the girl who made Faust feel important before leaving.

While chatting, there was a knock on the door. Mala opened the door and told the guests to come inside. The person they were talking about turned out to be visiting and then rushed over to Alex and knelt.

"Help me. I want to get married but don't know how."

Everyone who listened to his whining was shocked. Alex, who couldn't understand what he meant, told him to explain his statement earlier. Faust explained that he wanted to propose to the girl he liked. He thought about her making their ears feel itchy and perforated.

"Wow, wait a minute. You said you wanted to marry the girl you just met three days ago?"

Faust nodded his
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