Chapter 74 - Sad solace

Chapter 74 - Sad solace

How will the villagers understand that the devil will celebrate the king? They also disagree.

"I mean, it's better to change his name to the god of goodness or something like not a demon."

"Putt." Mala immediately spit out her drinking water then she laughed out loud. She disagreed with their own words. Insisting on their own opinion, the villagers wouldn't understand who they would worship, even if it were a demon, as long as the Nenokuni people weren't starving or struggling.

She persisted in her schedule and left the room. The prepared day had finally arrived. Mala organizes a contest for the villagers offering lots of prizes and gold.

The festival offers complimentary food and drinks. The celebration this time was quite successful because the opinions were only names. You can see the faces of the villagers are confused by the banner posted at the entrance.

Soon they forgot when the merchants said food and drinks were
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