Chapter 86 - Visiting the woodcutter's house

Chapter 86 - Visiting the woodcutter's house.

Even Mala, who longed to cook, ended up using up all the supplies in the house and serving the dishes. With the help of Sia, who is approaching the time of becoming a human, Alex also doesn't want to lose helping the two of them in preparing the ingredients.

He is in charge of washing all the ingredients, making them easy to use. Just as the owner of the house had just arrived carrying a bag of bread from the market and other food, he was surprised at the dining table.

"Wow, I haven't eaten home cooking in a long time."

A lot of delicious food was served.

"Actually, who is the guest in this house?" he said again. Everyone laughed at his words. Alex invites the man to eat together. Alex held his hand and said, "I'm Alex Valley, she Mala, and she Sia."

He hit his head hard.

"Oh my, I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. My name is Sura." Today has been a pleasant experience for them. Sura is a fun and hum
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