Chapter 102 – A man who is grieving

Chapter 102 – A man who is grieving

Mala did not immediately answer the question. She clenched her fists again and bowed her head in wisdom. They followed what Mala did so that no one dared to raise their heads before she did.

She noticed their behavior and just smiled as she wondered if the girls understood what they were doing right now? If not, that's enough to teach you how to be a good human being.

"I don't know, and I don't know." They sat there for a long time as if waiting for something, but they felt as if there was no tone coming soon. Mala left the place, followed by the others except for Sanao, without anyone knowing.

She stepped closer and then looked at the faces. How beautiful and sweet they seemed to be sleeping there. Sanao bowed many times, then kissed the top of the glass coffin.

They found Alex sleeping there, although people would think he was doing that when he opened the door. He couldn't close his eyes properly. The girls entere
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