Chapter 103 - Temporary takeover

Chapter 103 - Temporary takeover

The news of the family's tragic death made them hate the actions of the new king who held power there. People also condemned Urban's actions in favor of their atrocities.

"Eat, Draco," said Alex. Day by day, his body is getting healthier, but the deep sadness cannot be cured like that. He stared blankly at the vast expanse across the window. He was seen going to see Mabel and her daughter Margin.

The remaining people started asking when the two chests would be buried. Alex was also waiting for Draco's approval on this. But he couldn't bear to open his heart again whenever he saw her.

"Mala, roughly how long will a dead body's body last like this?" asked Alex, who happened to meet Margin. Her little face has now turned a little blue. Although Mala arranged for them to still look the same as before, it's also not good to let the mother and child suffer waiting to be buried.

"In Egypt, they are familiar with preserving corpses,
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