Chapter 107 - Introduce again

Chapter 107 - Introduce again

[Healing Power 1204k]

[Attack 89073]

[Defense 59878]

his appearance was completely different from what Alex had seen before. He even carried a green poison tank and emitted poisonous smoke. His whole body even had the liquid inside.

It's true what Sia said. If they have time to visit, better make it happen. Sia, who was tired, found Alex sitting under a shady tree, pulling his clothes to reveal some of his upper body.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ask Alex. He immediately covered it with his hand.

"I wrestled with the people there. They were very enthusiastic and sweaty." Sia answered while showing her white waist to Alex. The cloth there was torn big enough, almost to reveal the lump of her ass.

She fanned herself and took the drink Alex had bought. The thirst and the hot atmosphere quenched all desire for the drink. She asks where she is, Mala, is she still in the same place?

Alex nodded in that direction. Sia
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