Chapter 108 - An accidental encounter
Chapter 108 - An accidental encounter

The sound-sensitive Kitsune immediately withdrew its power and stopped the game. He was turning in the direction of the voice in the bushes. Alex greeted the girl who was alone. He felt it was unnatural for a woman to be in a place like that, so he took the initiative to come to her.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked as he tidied up the plants and put them in his bag.

Kitsune gracefully walked over. She circled Alex watching her whole body.

"Yeah, you know that living in luxury isn't a guarantee one's fine inside," replied Kitsune.

Alex understood why she said that. But would it be okay to leave him alone in a place close to the bottom of the abyss? He felt Kitsune was just looking for fresh air to refresh his mind, just like at school. When he was bullied, Alex chose to escape on top of the building alone, enduring the pain after what he had experienced.

"Do you need to be accompanied?" asked Alex.

"Hmmm, what about them?" Alex points to Mala
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