Chapter 139 - Inherited Divinity

Chapter 139 - Inherited Divinity

Sia's dreams of becoming a human with her brother will be cut off, as the successor of the demon king will no longer exist. Mala waited too long. She asked Kitsune to lower them on a nearby cliff and immediately followed Alex and took him away.

"Remember, Sia, find Alex; we're out of here." Sia nodded in agreement. They didn't want to get involved in a battle between gods where the deserts and items were crushed. Anubis controlled the sky to make it difficult for Medusa to move her falling rain just around her.

They pushed their way into the vast crowd. On the one hand, to find Alex, they had to survive Medusa's eye attack, or luckily, they wouldn't be hit by her attack.

The corpses flew but instantly turned into sand. This time it bathed them in grains of sand beside the storm they had been through. Bad luck befell Mala. When she felt her back on Medusa's position, it turned out that she was surprised.

It didn't take long fo
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