Chapter 143 - Same as usual

Chapter 143 - Same as usual

Seeing his condition like that, Sia helps Alex to sleep in his place. Her muscles and weight made it difficult for Sia to move. She could only pull Alex's head so it wouldn't fall and the rest to make it easier to move.

Being alone with Mala would be easier, but she didn't want to disturb her sleep. She knew it was Mala that moved her outside. Sia noticed that her body was being touched.

She felt a warm touch from someone who cared about her. Even though there seems to be a barrier between them, Mala always treats them like family and friends. That's why she didn't bother to leave Alex alone either.

Each party can feel the struggle that both want to be human. Alex slept like a dead person. Even the sand almost covering his body didn't wake him from sleep.

As hard as Sia shifted her body, she hoped that Alex would wake up soon so she could move her own body.

"Come on, sir." Sia was feeling hoarse.

His effort

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