Chapter 144 - Hard-skinned giant

Chapter 144 - Hard-skinned giant

Honestly, Alex jumped right in before she overdid it. Alex screamed because he felt unappreciated as a man. He felt humiliated and harassed. His behavior made the girls laugh out loud.

The fresh atmosphere around them relaxes their bodies. The freshwater that can release thirst and fatigue, the clear water that makes their bodies look transparent and open, makes the mind feel fresh and fun.

Mala brought her body closer to Alex, who was already bathing together. The three stared at each other in shame, and suddenly a passionate desire arose. Sia remained motionless, unable to hide her body in the clear water.

"How could you not be excited at first to take a bath and then be cheerful when he found us in this condition?" said Sia while still hiding her protruding body.

"This is precisely the opportunity I've been waiting for a long time, the last time I made out with her," said Mala spontaneously as she led the man close t
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