Chapter 151 - Burning the Power

Chapter 151 - Burning the Power

"Do you still have to ask that?" Alex said back. They laughed in satisfaction after fighting with the situation. Mala and Sia long to sleep with Alex. Their rooms are seven floors apart, so they can't see each other.

Moreover, the group of people did not release themselves to show off their goods for a moment to rest. That Mala and Sia convey sounds crazy. Maybe meeting up is not a problem, but apart from being escorted by the men, it will make it difficult for them to sleep in the same room.

"It doesn't matter if I sleep alone with Sia." The answer again. If that doesn't raise suspicion, they should report it in advance to the guard on duty in the room or guest rooms section.

The two thought that the men there were submissive, so there was room for the three of them to escape such strict supervision. Sia discovered that there are various ways for these people to do what we tell them to do.

One of them tied a leash aro
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