Chapter 159 - The visiting statue

Chapter 159 - The visiting statue

Because to do so does not need to require light to direct or enjoy it. He shook his head. Following the sweet aroma, it turned out that the sweet taste had color from below. Alex tried to call Mala and Sia, who were around the place.

"Bad! Drain! Can you guys wake up?" Alex said, checking.

No one answered his call, so instead of waiting for the scent to dissipate, Alex intended to go down himself to check it out. He moved down while jumping, and Alex followed the slightest hint.

Just about to jump, a small circle of portals surprised him, standing before him. Unprepared for the shock, Alex fell backward, tearing some of his clothes.

He stroked his sore buttocks, and a small statue came out of it talking to Alex.

"O beautiful girl, do you want to go with us to nirvana?" it doesn't move his body but can talk to him. Finally, he wanted to come with the mystical object without waiting long.

But he thought back that may
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