Chapter 165 - They are fun

Chapter 165 - They are fun

"Let she choose for herself, Rara." Being in a fight between the two children fighting over him made Alex unable to get out of the circle. Finally, he went with Rara and sat down to make flower arrangements and decorations.

Rara stuck out her tongue to make fun of Krisna because she felt she had won the match over her. She looked happy and pranced around as she walked up to them. Greetings and welcomes also feel sacred in that place, perhaps because it turned the scent of incense sticks on to add to the atmosphere a bit.

They are very talented in creating jewelry, and the finished product is large and shiny. The girls talk about the festival that will hold tonight. Alex thinks the things they make are just for entertainment or just playing.

The four children on his side laughed at his ignorance. They would hold the festival to welcome this year's harvest, and there would be plenty of banquets for everyone in town to eat.

People wil
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