Chapter 188 - Sweet and adorable

Chapter 188 - Sweet and adorable

They prepared to return home, and the children served the cows, walking alone again. The youngest boy was looking confused, and Alex approached the boy.

"Nini is missing." He said while crying. Alex realized that cows were given human names for several days in Dwarka. Where the mammals also look sweet and adorable. He called because of the cow he was in charge of.

He wanted to ask Alex for help but didn't dare say so because he knew it was his own problem, and Alex was part of the Dammam family. Alex patted him on the shoulder, saying he wanted to help and feeling that with the others.

Two people rushed into the forest and shouted Nini's name. No one is in sight as the night draws near. The darker the night wind is getting felt. The boy never looked calm. Alex sat staring at him.

"You better go home and say Kitsune is still looking for him," said Alex. He wanted the boy to come home soon and tell the Dammams that one of their
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