Chapter 191 - Earth-stomping leg power

Chapter 191 - Earth-stomping leg power

Listening to the amount of income Alex gets, he feels insecure about whether the decision to invite them to leave Dwarka is enough for the next trip. Alex had checked that the place they were going to differed from the previous human world.

In the more dangerous terrain, there are many gods to be met in front. Especially were they friendly with Alex and the others or the other way around?

The most dangerous thing is when they have to face a powerful god. Indeed, their inventory does not upgrade or give a solid effect to their current heroes.

Alex doesn't want to lose anyone. Enough Sue's death caused much pain because of his absence during the journey. The end of the Draco family also made a deep impression on Alex.

Weak and helpless, Alex hopes to be strong soon and can protect them with his strength. Their conversation only contained news and how to live in that place. Alex only listened to the girls' conversation for
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