Chapter 192 - The Popularity Emblem

Chapter 192 - The Popularity Emblem

Byton, who wanted to escape, ran aimlessly and started banging his head on the objects in front of him without hesitation. Be it a tree or a rock so that Krisna can let go of his little hand.

Very unreasonable body size and was against the beasts that tried to kill him. Krisna mercilessly immediately finished their fight. Alex didn't just wait. He slashed two horns above his head and fell to the ground, and blood gushed from the two holes.

The louder Byton's screams were, the weaker the movement of one of his broken legs. His head felt dizzy, and his eyes seemed to want to close themselves. Krisna's hard pressure could tear the nerves and veins from the inside.

Although there was no trace of blood coming out of it, the swelling marks and the sound of bones breaking from the nape of the neck was enough evidence that the monster was about to end. It didn't take long. Byton was already lying on the ground.

Karta, who was chas
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