Chapter 198 - Higher-ranking

Chapter 198 - Higher-ranking

He also often asked about Mala when he entered the city of Dwarka. He also heard that Mala's friends were so beautiful that he was famous for being a womanizer, and many women were attracted to him.

They immediately looked at Sia. The girl didn't understand why their eyes were on her. They agreed to keep Sia from getting caught up in such things, and it didn't take long for Alex to get back in with ease.

With no obstructions or obstructions in the way, he can even enter rooms that cannot be easily entered. Even though it was daytime, plenty of people still liked to gamble and were relentless.

"You're fortunate to get in here, Mala," Sanao said. The ceiling covered in gold and gemstone steps decorates the place. Anyone who will enter that person will never feel bored, even to the point of spending time just for fun.

"Not everyone has the talent to run his business," Mala said confidently. The thing that worries Mala has finally ar
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