Chapter 221 - An extraordinary

Chapter 221 - An extraordinary

He raced the horse so fast. It was also fortunate that he bought skills from the system using King Gilgamesh's gold.

[ Flies like the wind ]

[ Item info: Once upon a time, travelers sent by the higher-ups of the kingdom at the command of the gods had extraordinary riding abilities. They could split the ocean just by walking on it. Be a free wind by using live animal mounts that can fly in the air,

[ Beginners: 15% ]

[ Advance: 75% ]

[ Expert: 100% ]

There are two image options for Alex, but he can't use them because there are red marks, which are forbidden to open. Silhouette of a horse with two wings, Alex couldn't understand what animal was hidden behind the purchase of the expert system in the store.

[ Benefits: You will get special recognition and honor. The aura of travelers will burst out every time they use it. You can even tame wild animals by riding their bodies. ]

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