Chapter 226 - A noble controlling

Chapter 226 - A noble controlling

A world that connects the ancient sea on an island floating among the clouds where spring is eternal, with animals living in perfect harmony and fulfillment.

The place there is a bridge between the human world and the world of death to the bridge's stability affects the human world. So many demons and monsters want to enter to disrupt human life, and some even like to eat humans.

Alex feels hatred for humans hides in Kitsune's heart because human actions also make him have to be trapped using a human body and devote himself as a guardian of the bridge.

For Kitsune to be released from his duties and responsibilities as the guardian of the Shinto Pantheon bridge, she must find someone with the same task and desire to guard the border so that the creatures who want to terrorize the human world can't just cross it.

"I have inhabited Takamagahara for 100 million years ago." She held her shoulder blankly.

"You can imagine li
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