Chapter 235 - The power contained

Chapter 235 - The power contained

She needs Neos to find the files stored in the palace. Mala had asked why he trusted the three of them so much when she and the others were outsiders.

"Whatever king Gilgamesh chooses is for the best," Neos replied proudly. Mala could only shake her head. She referred to what the butler beside her had said without hesitation.

"What is it, Alex?" Mala asked, interrupting her thoughts when a cup of coffee was on the table. Alex wants Koko to help take care of the people in the Uruk city area especially meeting their material needs.

He didn't need to take out the treasure from his mining work and just focused on distributing it to the people there. Alex orders Neos to give him some of the wealth of King Gilgamesh to increase his income in the city.

Mala conveyed Alex's message to Neos, and waiting no longer, and he immediately went to carry out his duties quickly. She was a little disturbed by the sound of Kitsune being close t
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