Chapter 254 - A sullen face

Chapter 253 - A sullen face

"Probably around 20 to 50." Alex reflected. After he explored the area overnight, Alex could estimate the location and points that could protect the people there. He asks Kitsune to change the gathering position when everyone is in danger until the situation is over to deal with.

They parted at that place, and Alex returned to the front of the palace. The nobles who saw his arrival, accompanied by people who already recognized his face, shouted at Alex to resign from his position immediately.

They were not happy with what Alex had done to meddle in the affairs of the Uruk region. He doesn't deserve to be a king from the outside. They did not hesitate to order the soldiers to shoot Alex, standing in the palace alone.

While those people did not hesitate to direct attacks at Alex, he did not hesitate to spread his wings in front of them. Alex only flapped his wings a few times to block the arrows moving toward him.

He knew that what
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