Chapter 270 - The captain descended

Chapter 270 - The captain descended

Alex didn't realize that he was already at the pier, people were shouting at each other, and most were busy loading or unloading things onto the boat. He flashed, looking for the figures of the girls waiting for orders from him.

As usual, he moved his hand in the air to open the system. Alex checked the map for a while. They will cross the ocean to arrive at the place pinned before. He invites Sia to meet the others.

"We have to get on this ship," Alex said while pointing to a wooden transport floating on the water's surface. The waves are not too big, so the boat doesn't sway too fast. Mala squinted at the water that was so wide there.

"Looks like there's going to be a storm," Mala said. Coincidentally there was someone who also said the same thing that Mala saw. Sanao looked at Kitsune, who had been shivering with fear. Alex realized this was distracting and asked the fox demon beside him.

She doesn't like water because
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