Chapter 275 - Tongyesa

Chapter 275 - Tongyesa

King Seonju thoughtlessly gave orders for all the leaders to move away until finally, Yi Sun-shin arrived. He got a share in the territory previously discussed with his comrades.

He refused because the battlefield they were about to take was dangerous, and Yi Sun-shin didn't want to lose his crew. King Seonju, who listened to the reason, said he was incompetent and had a heart of love for his country.

"How can you refuse the king's orders in this land?" Won Gyun chirps.

Yi Sun-shin walked up to the king's pulpit but was stopped because many people were staring at them. He became Admiral Yi, trusted by the king, but suddenly changed. He didn't want to get carried away with feelings and emotions just because something like that bothered him.

Yi Sun-shin refused to explain it once again in front of the crowd. If the king of Seonju insisted on sending a fleet and himself to repel the army sailing to their land, many people would die in vai
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