Chapter 297 - Their clothes

Chapter 297 - Their clothes  

Yi Sun-shin tells Alex to leave Joseon immediately before King Seonjo changes his mind because he will settle this for Alex. He was a little annoying for an Admiral of great power, and why was he only now offering to quell King Seonju's wishes?

Yi Sun-shin reasoned it was to scare the spies who might still be lodged in the palace or blend in with the Joseon society. The fight was King Seonju's idea so that nothing like it would harm Joseon in the future. This time Yi Sun-shin's words sounded reasonable, but he also advised always to be careful.

"Are you sure Kitsune and Sanao don't want to marry my children?" said Yi Sun-shin as he was about to escort them off.

"Do you want us to kill each other?" Alex replied.

Mala chimed in as the representative of the girls still under sentence, saying that such matters are the private property of each. Yi Sun-shin can inquire about his family's political marriage if they are there now.<
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