Chapter 319 - The other brothers

Chapter 319 - The other brothers 

When he had trained brands, Alex also found their weak points in attack. The running time was less than one minute and almost met the desired target so that the system could be used again normally, and Alex found something that emerged from the opponent's information.

[ Name Hero: Loki – SSR ]

[ Level: 326 ]          

[Tactical Advantage: Shadowarch]

[ Hero Type: Fighter ]

[ Chaos Phase Level 4, Ultimate: Loki creates phantoms behind random enemies and runs between them, dealing 375% damage from an attack to all enemy units around each phantom, during this skill, Loki cannot be targeted (Phantom Loki inherits 100% of his basic Attributes) ]

[ Level 2: Increase the damage dealt to 400% ]

[ Level 3: Increase damage dealt to 425% ]

[ Level 4: Increase the damage dealt to 450% ]

[ Double Cross Level 4, Passive: At the start of the battle, Loki creates a phantom behind
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