Maniking asked shady how to enter into the KELLON city.It the most dangerous place in the whole country.Because there are most dangerous people running most dangerous businesses. There 24/7 flying small cams are there.They can scan any gadgets easily. They should meet the most dangerous big famous unknown face person named as 'Mr.Unknown'. Until now no one saw his face.He had connections with many planets,aliens , monsters and big people.

SHADY - I have a plan to enter the city.But I can't come with you. You five should go into the city by name of business which is needed for Mr.Unknown .

Himakar - What business work right now he needed ?

Shady - He want the best spaceship with high specifications. So you say you will give it for him.

Chaitanya - We don't have spaceship na ?

Shady - They don't know na ?

Dhanush - OP!

Shady - You just say we will give you free , but give us the percentage after completing the mission.

Maniking - So then we can know that from which gate the spaceship i
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