Lady Agatha was dressed in a pink flowing frock, matched with white socks and pink high heels that enhances her beauty as she walked gracefully towards El Ramon's room. Today, the young master had summoned her to his palace to spend the night. 

 She climbed the step towards his room and the sound of her shoe heel echoed in the silent palace. 

 Calling lady Agatha beautiful is an understatement, she is a typical example of a perfect creation. With a round face, sexy and appealing eyes, and round full lips that begged to be kissed.

 With her fair skin, well-shaped hips, curves, and contours, she is sought by all men on the island, but she only loves a man. 

 After much persuasion from her parent who believed that it was dishonorable for a woman to remain in her father's house, Lady Agatha got married to a rich business tycoon, but the union soon collapsed within a few years, leaving her richer but broken as she vowed never to marry anyone else except El Ramon.

 Tonight, she will be spending her first night with the man that had caught her fancy since childhood. 

"You look beautiful, my lady." El Ramon announced. He welcomes her with a hug, holds her hand, and directs her to a two-seater cushion in his room. "What can I offer you?" 

"Champagne," Agatha replied. Glanced around the exquisitely furnished room, falling in love with his taste and color. She shakes her head along to the romantic music booming from the radiogram somewhere.

"To us." El Ramon offered a toast.

 "What about us?" Lady Agatha asked back, fixing her eyes on El Ramon.

 "You have been avoiding me for ages." She sipped her wine and touch his lips with her two middle fingers. 

 "You know I love you, don't you?"

"Now you are here." El Ramon replied and drew closed to her. " That's all that matters." 

Lady Agatha gazed at El Ramon's eyes filled with desire, then put her head on his chest, and unbutton his chest to play with his nipples. 

 "Why did you take forever to accept me in your heart?"

 She asked as tears gathered in her eyes at the memory of those cold, lonely nights when all she ever desire is to be held by him.

El Ramon plays with her left ear and bites the lobe seductively." I'm sorry, it takes me forever to realize that when the desirable is not available, then the available should be desire." He responded. 

"You still desire her?" She asked.

El Ramon remained silent for a while, then muttered silently. "My heart may belong to her, but my body and everything else belongs to you henceforth."

Agatha bobbed her head in appreciation of his honesty. 

She removed her head from his chest and whispered. 

"Before all gods, can you vowed this?"

"Yes." El Ramon replied. " I vowed my body and everything belong to you." 

"I will wait for you." She whispered. " Till then, I will enjoy your body and everything you have to offer." She snuggled close to him and lay on his chest.

El Ramon touched her eyes, nose, then her lips, he parted them with his fingers, and dipped two of them into her mouth, growing as she nipped at it. He removed it and kissed her, his kissing was passionate and filled with desire.

Lady Agatha responded, crushing his lips for some seconds, then she stuck her tongue out in-between his teeth and gasped at the torrent of pleasure that passed through her as he kiss as if his life depends on it.

"Wait..let me remove my clothing!" She muttered.

"Huh! El Ramon replied, and unwillingly removed his hand around her neck. Stood from the chair and removed his unbuttoned shirt and pants. Then he watched Agatha as she stylishly removed her clothing, dancing slowly to the romantic music that perfected the cool evening. Outside, he can hear the sound of the wind that soon turned to rain, and the sound of the rain beating on the roof above seemed to be in with the music inside. 

"Everything is perfect for lovemaking." He thought as he stood naked with a bottle of champagne in his hand.

Agatha now naked walked towards El Ramon who now lay on the gorgeous king-size bed. She plopped beside him and put her mouth on his right nipple, while her hand caressed the left nipple. For some seconds, she concentrate on the nipple, then switched to the left, while her hand caressed his hairy chest, down to his navel. She moaned with the happiness of being able to satisfy him with her mouth. 

El Ramon groaned with pleasure at the sweet sensation fluttering inside him. He touched her two firm breasts and tease the two hard nipples. 

"Wait!. He cried out.  

Agatha paused and looked into his eyes. "Aren't you enjoying the foreplay?" 

"Yes, I am. But we need protection." He whispered.  

"Nay," Agatha answered back, she immediately laid flat on him, her two legs in-between El Ramon's leg. " I want you inside me." Her eyes glowed dangerously as she sucked his navel, then her hand went to his erected manhood, then she gasped.

"You Are big, El Ramon. How many inches

"Twelve." He retorted with a sneer.

"One foot. Oh my God!"

"Thought you like it big." 

"Not this big." She answered back. Clasp his manhood with her two hands and jerked it vigorously, then she put her mouth on it.

"Oh, I love  blow jobs." El Ramon mumbled. Put his two hands around her head to withstand his thrust.

"I'm cumming!" He screamed after a few minutes.

"Ouch!" Agatha muttered back. She clasped her left hand around his waist and used the other hand to play with her clitoris. "Wait!" She exclaimed. Stood up from her position and went to the bag tossed on the couch, removed a ring, and said. " This is made for sex enjoyment and will delay your ejaculation for several hours."

 She mounted him and inserted it around his manhood. 

Then with her hand, she guide him inside her, the feeling new to her as he filled the whole of her and she need to shift and block his thrust with her arms.

"Half is still outside." El Ramon whispered, his fingers caressing her breast, then he squeezed it and lick the nipples seductively, then thrust into her tight honeypot. 

"Ouch... Please be... Agatha paused, clasped her hand over her mouth to the screams bubbling within her, she had made love before, yet it had never been like this. Tonight, she had reached the organism several times and she can feel another one coming.

As soon as Agatha is gone, El Ramon was seen looking forlornly at the family picture on the wall. He had satisfied his lust, and now he can think of the next line of action to take. 

Of course, he can call any of his numerous consort to satisfy his longing, but he has decided to call Lady Agatha because, for the first time, he realized he need an heir, that will take over all his wealth and empire when he is gone. 

Though he has given his heart to his brother's wife, there is no harm in having an illegitimate heir, until he can have what his heart desire. 

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