To weaken El Capone, the foreign merchants started visiting the royal farms, holding meetings with farmers, and soon convinced them to revolt, and promised more money for their output.

Since the royal house is the one regulating the price of opium, the farmers were only given what the house believed it's an appropriate price.

So when Priest and his men promised the farmers to double what they were usually paid, their greed take over and riots burst out on most of the farms under the King's control.

When El Capone heard of the ongoing riots, he called some of the team leaders among his men and they were seen discussing in the open space before his palace.

"Have you all heard about the ongoing riots and strikes on our farms?

" Yes."

"That's the effect of the poison of the foreigners."

"They will all be killed, along with the erring farmers."

El Capone smiled when he see the fire in his men's eyes.

In truth, he was blessed with faithful mafias who are ready to die for his sake.

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