Handshake beyond the elbow has turned into an embrace!

The recent assault on the Country P merchants farm by the redwitch gang had become unbearable to the profit-oriented men, and they were seen as they conversed together.

"We will be going bankrupt in a few months if this assault continues," Priest let out with a disgusting look.

"El Ramon is powerless against his brother, four farms and factories were destroyed in a week, this is unbearable." A man called Augur announced.

"El Ramon is a weakling, and that is why I chose him, instead of his brother." Priest answered back

"What about the black ninja? They promised to get back to us before the month-end?"

"That was why I invited you all. Our agent called me that he will be here in a few hours."

"That means he had been contacted by the black ninjas." The oldest man among the team announced with a toothless smile.

"How will our assassins have access to El Capone's palace? He is always surrounded by thousands of his mafias." Augur
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