El Capone was in the middle, and beside him were Andrea and Banjo at both sides, while hundred of his armed mafias scowl at his back.

"We will not resume farming until you meet our terms," the leader of the rioting planters screamed at the top of his voice.

"We have to go through all your terms, and we are assuring you that it will be discussed, and the best decision will be made. Please be patient," Andrea answered back.

"We are listening to you because you are one of us-" the man paused, veered back at the rioting men at his back, and resumed his speech. "Otherwise, we would have ignored you all, until you are ready to accept our terms."

"We are aware of the inflation and knew you only earn peanut from your hard labor. All your demands will be met in due time." Andrea answered back.

"As the spokesman of the North side planters, we are not resuming work until you are ready to pay us ten dollars per kilo for our products. And you will be compensating us for ripping us with a meager am
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