Ramon glared at his brother in deep thought. How he always escaped his plan was a mystery to him, and his mind was troubled by the missed opportunities.

El Capone was among the bikers that first arrived at the venue of the meeting, but had made himself invisible until it was too late for him to inform Priest of their mistake.

Even if he finds the means to call the foreigners now, El Ramon believed that his brother will still escape his web, and it will be a waste of time.

He needs a better plan.

The meeting was dismissed, as the two twins were unable to reach a consensus, and it was ruled that the goods should remain inside the royal store, until further notice.

El Capone was the first to stand from his seat, and he was followed by a multitude of his mafias in red uniforms and they soon walked out of the big hall.

El Ramon looked at the men in his front and asked.

"So you can't pressurize him to swallow his pride and let's sell our goods to the foreigners. Did you realize that th
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